Can you charge my insurance company?

Unfortunately, we cannot bill your insurance company at this time. You are responsible for paying the service upfront. You should send the paid towing invoice to your insurance provider, that way they can reimburse the amount you spent.

Do you accept AAA?

We are not an AAA provider. You should get in touch with AAA and have them tow your vehicle if you want to use your AAA.

Do I need a flatbed?

There are considerations before we can decide. You will require a flatbed if your vehicle is 4-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or a flat tire. You will also need a flatbed if your vehicle suffered from extreme damage because of an accident. If your car has ground effects, it may warrant the use of a flatbed. If you own a car that has been specifically modified from its original condition, it will require careful handling, and a flatbed will be needed.

My car is in the parking lot. Can you tow it?

Absolutely. Northgate Towing owns a tow truck with a clearance of 7 ft, which allows us to tow cars even when they are stuck in parking garages.

What information do I need to give you to tow my vehicle?

We need to know as many details as possible for a faster and smoother towing process. We will require you the location of your car, the car type, make and model, year, license plate, color, your address, the issues with the car, your contact information, and how you will pay us.

What are your office hours?

We are open to tow your vehicles at any time of the day, all days of the week. We are open 24/7 and even on holidays, including Christmas.

Can you bill me?

You need to pay us upfront unless your car is towed to a repair shop we are affiliated with. It may be possible for you to add your bill along with the invoice for the repair shop, but maybe for an additional cost. We still recommend paying upfront.

What does a fuel surcharge mean?

We have decided to implement a fuel surcharge due to the rising fuel cost. This will help us deal with the ever-changing fuel prices without us having to change our rates every time.

Should I be with the car for it to be towed?

You don’t have to be with the car for us to tow it. You only need to provide us the keys and tell us your mode of payment. For instance, if you are paying us through check but you will be unable to wait for our drivers, we can calculate the mileage and let you know the price, so you can leave the check in the car. Don’t forget to let our dispatchers know where you will leave the key.

What mode of payments do you accept?

We are very flexible when it comes to accepting payments. You can pay us through cash, debit card or credit card, instant cash (efs check, t-check).

Where do you operate?

We currently have a fleet of tow trucks and heavy-duty hauling trucks in the Northgate area.

Why is it better to let my insured car go to the towing lot following an accident?

There are a number of reasons why this is better. You do not have to pay the bill upfront. Your insurance provider will dispatch an adjuster to assess your car as well as the other car involved, and this will save you storage fees. Most cities don’t allow a wrecked vehicle to be parked in a residential area, even if it is in your driveway.

Do you tow motorcycles?

We do. We are fully-equipped, and we have a large fleet of light and heavy-duty tow trucks that can accommodate all types of vehicles. We can safely tow your motorcycle without you worrying it will incur any damage.

Are you able to unlock my car using electric locks and side-impact airbags?

Yes. In fact, this is a typical scenario for us. Our drivers are trained and skilled to perform such a task, and we have all the necessary equipment to get the job done.

How can I schedule a tow?

You can schedule a tow with us anytime. Just call our dispatchers and provide them all the details required for us to tow your truck, including the type of your car, your location, and why it needs to tow. You also need to let us know what time you prefer your car to be towed.

Are all your drivers background checked?

All our workers undergo background checks and not just our drivers. We want to ensure that we only employ trustworthy and qualified people in our company. Rest assured that your vehicle is safe with our skilled and reliable drivers.