Wrecker Service in Cincinnati, OH

Old wrecker truckWhen you first hear the term wrecker service, it may sound bad to you. It used to be called a tow truck or towing truck. It is now the term used to talk about a vehicle that requires professional assistance, especially in the middle of an accident. This term is not often used nowadays, probably because people prefer the terms towing and tow services. The term wrecker often connotes a negative meaning, and we don’t want to use words with a negative connotation in our businesses. Let’s go down the memory lane and look back at how wrecker service began and how it changed into what we now know as the tow truck industry.

The History of Wrecker Service

In the past, road and motor safety were not the focus of manufacturers and drivers. However, accidents happened, and many cars broke down in the middle of the way. This resulted in the demand for wrecker service, which is what we now know as a towing business. The early tow trucks are in the form of pick-up trucks with a hoist to tow broken down vehicles. They typically team up with service garages that handle repairs of the towed vehicles. Garage services wanted to work hand-in-hand with these wrecker services because they wanted to get as many customers as they can. Modern people may not be able to recognize that a wrecker service is the same as tow trucks.

Nowadays, most towing services focus on towing alone. Further, the trucks used to transport vehicles don’t look any close to the original wreckers. At present, there are flatbed tow trucks available to carry all-wheel drive and luxury cars. There are also industrial size tow trucks that can accommodate semi-trucks. Before, these types of trucks were never heard of.

Modern Day Towing

While we are now in the modern days, and we use highly-technological vehicles, accidents still happen, and a lot of cars still break down on the road. There are roads that can be hazardous for motorists, especially in the wet season. Modern-day towing gives motorists assurance that they can get help every time they face a problem concerning their car no matter the time and day. There are many towing services in and around Cincinnati, OH. These towing services promise to give you the assistance you need in your emergency. Whether your car can’t start, you have a flat tire, you ran out of fuel, or you got yourself into an accident, a reputable towing service like Northgate Towing can help you with your situation. Modern-day towing has better equipment, especially better trucks, to transport any types of vehicles, even the large ones. Technology also plays a significant role in improving the business of towing in the entire country. We can now use mobile phones, and the availability of GPS makes things a lot easier not only for towing services but motorists as well. You only need to make a call, and the Northgate Towing will come to your help in a matter of minutes.